It’s Time To Talk About It

Because of recent events, I think that it is important to talk about mental illness. Obviously in light of the Paris attack there is strong evidence of what mental illness can do to oneself and those around them. Although there may be affiliates and beliefs tied to the devastating attacks in Paris, but there is […]

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Everyone says that bad things happen to good people, but did you ever think bad things make good people? I stumbled upon this question a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. There are countless studies and theories on why good people do bad things and why […]

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I have to admit, the universe has finally got my attention. After listening to two performers, on two separate stages, on two different nights say the same thing I couldn’t help but wonder that somehow this message was one that I personally should listen to. Both artists visibly made some changes to their normal banter […]

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It’s pretty crazy going back to a place where you were just a year before. Everything’s the same: the house, living room, garden, and even the trees. Yet, you’ve changed so much. You can’t fathom how different you have become. You get back into the same routine that you used to yearn for but now […]

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Just A Thought

It is hard to stay so strong when all you want to do is cry out for help. So often youths are mistreated. This topic is one that I feel so strongly about partly because my heart yearns for those who falls through the cracks. Everyone who isn’t just quite good enough, pretty enough, or […]

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I have a habit of getting stuck sometimes. I get so caught up in every little detail in everyone’s life around me and I forget to live my own. I can’t appreciate my own blessings, because I am too caught up in others. Why can’t we focus on the positive? We spend our whole day […]

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All anyone wants at the end of the day is to feel important. In a study people were asked what they want. Answers included: health and the preservation of life, food, sleep, money, life in the hereafter, sexual gratification, well being of our children, and the feeling of importance. Simon Freud called this “the desire […]

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